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  • Managed IT Services
  • Application Development
  • ERP
  • Electronic Records
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Datawarehouse Solurion
  • ETL and Reporting
  • Datamining and BI
  • Resource Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Research
  • Orbitalz understands that the loss of visibility and communication are a major concern to companies to find solutions of their problems. These two factors are cited as two major sources for major IT and business project failure. 

    We provide solutions that has quality control processes in place and easily accessible to our clients, which facilitates communication and up-to-date status Solutions from Orbitalz enable organizations-from small help desks to geographically distributed enterprises-to automate support tasks, boost productivity, meet rapidly changing business needs, and monitor and manage the business processes involved in the delivery of IT services. 

    At Orbitalz,we employ many methodologies, processes and tools required by ISO or CMMI standards of quality and continously improve upon these practices as we strive to achieve better and cost-effective solutions for our client.